abi.encodeCall Literals Bug

On March 10th, 2022, the Solidity team discovered a bug in the implementation of abi.encodeCall when used together with fixed-length bytes literals. It was introduced together with abi.encodeCall in Solidity 0.8.11 and is fixed in 0.8.13. We assigned the bug a severity of “very low”. [Read More]

Solidity Summit 2022 Goes Amsterdam

The Solidity Summit is finally back! After a first virtual Solidity Summit in 2020, we are excited to announce an in-person event for 2022! Solidity Summit 2022 is part of Devconnect and will happen on Wednesday, April 20 2022, in Amsterdam. [Read More]

Underhanded Solidity Contest 2022

The long wait is over: The Underhanded Solidity Contest is back with a 2022 edition! After a successful revival in 2020, we believe it’s time for the great Solidity minds to get together again and compete over the next big underhanded hack! In case you’re new to this, let’s get you up to speed with a quick recap on what the Underhanded Solidity Contest (USC) is all about: In a nutshell, the USC is about finding loopholes or “hiding spots”... [Read More]

Solidity Developer Survey 2021 Results

In this post, we will be summarizing and analyzing the results of the 2021 Solidity Developer Survey. A big thank you goes out to everybody who took the time and participated! Your input is invaluable to us and plays a crucial role in helping to continuously improve the Solidity developer experience as a whole. [Read More]

Solidity Developer Survey 2021 is Live!

Today, we launched the Solidity Developer Survey 2021. Please all take 10 minutes to participate and let us know your feedback! This marks the second time we are conducting a structured big developer survey. You can find the results of last year’s Solidity developer survey here. [Read More]

Solidity 0.8.10 Release Announcement

Solidity v0.8.10 can now report contract invariants and reentrancy properties through the SMTChecker. It also contains some new optimizations with regards to external function calls and enables the new EVM code generator for pure Yul mode. [Read More]

User Defined Value Types Bug

On September 28th, 2021, Harry Altman (@haltman-at) of Truffle discovered a bug in user defined value types. The bug has no influence on the correctness of Solidity contracts, but contracts compiled with Solidity 0.8.8 that use the new feature are unnecessarily wasteful and might have problems with tooling or contract upgrades. The bug exists only in Solidity 0.8.8 and is fixed in 0.8.9. We assigned the bug a severity of “very low”. [Read More]

Solidity 0.8.9 Release Announcement

Solidity v0.8.9 is a pure bugfix release and fixes two important, but low severity, bugs. The first bug is related to immutables of signed integer types shorter than 256 bits. The bug causes sign extension (cleanup) of those values to not always being properly performed. It was introduced in Solidity 0.6.5. Read more in the respective security alert. The second bug was introduced with user defined value types in Solidity v0.8.8 (released two days ago). User defined types with underlying... [Read More]