Solidity 0.5.6 Release Announcement

This release mainly fixes an optimizer bug related to multiple shift opcodes that was introduced in the previous release. It is unlikely that any existing contracts are affected, but you should still not use Solidity 0.5.5. Apart from that, the support for calldata structs and arrays by ABIEncoderV2 is almost finished now, we added some more optimizer rules and added enums and one-dimensional arrays to the SMT checker. Important Bugfixes: Yul Optimizer: Fix visitation order bug for the structural simplifier.... [Read More]

Solidity 0.5.5 Release Announcement

This release focuses on the stabilization of the ABIEncoderV2 and the optimizer. We also prepared for the Petersburg release which is the default EVM now and improved the SMT checker, such that it now reports less false positives when using SafeMath. You can now activate the experimental Yul optimizer using settings: {optimizer: {enabled: true, details: {yul: true}}} or in the commandline via solc optimize-yul. Language Features: Add support for getters of mappings with string or bytes key types. Meta programming:... [Read More]

Solidity 0.5.4 Release Announcement

This release adds support for calldata structs and packed encoding with ABIEncoderV2. We also introduced some changes to the C API and added support for continuous fuzzing via Google oss-fuzz. In addition to that, we added a new commandline option for improved (colorized) diagnostics formatting. Language Features: Allow calldata structs without dynamically encoded members with ABIEncoderV2. Compiler Features: ABIEncoderV2: Implement packed encoding. C API (libsolc / raw soljson.js): Introduce solidity_free method which releases all internal buffers to save memory. Commandline... [Read More]

Solidity 0.5.3 Release Announcement

This release adds support for accessing the code of a contract type, which will hopefully make the new CREATE2 opcode easier to use. We also added some static analysis features to the compiler, but most changes were done “under the hood” to pave the way for using the new Yul-based optimizer with ABIEncoderV2. Language Features: Provide access to creation and runtime code of contracts via type(C).creationCode / type(C).runtimeCode. Compiler Features: Control Flow Graph: Warn about unreachable code. SMTChecker: Support basic... [Read More]

Solidity 0.5.2 Release Announcement

This release of the Solidity compiler includes several performance optimizations. These include faster compilation time but also cheaper contracts in some situations. This version also checks for all instances of uninitialized storage references, has some improved error messages and other checks. You can now create complete contracts in Yul through the support of the Yul object format and the special functions datasize, dataoffset and datacopy. A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible! Download the... [Read More]

Solidity 0.5.1 Release Announcement

This release improves the usability of interfaces, fixes some bugs, extends the SMT checker and provides an early preview of the Yul optimizer. A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible! Download the new version of Solidity here.

Solidity 0.5.0 Release Announcement

This is a major breaking release of the Solidity language and compiler that includes many new safety features. In general, programmers have to be more explicit, some weird edge-cases are removed from the language and the low-level compiler interface is much simpler. This release was long overdue and as a result has amassed an incredibly long list of changes. Please refer to the “Solidity v0.5.0 Breaking Changes” section in the documentation about a good description of what has changed and... [Read More]

Solidity Bugfix Release

This post was originally published on the Ethereum blog. The latest version 0.4.25 release of Solidity fixes two important bugs. Another important bug has already been fixed in version 0.4.22 but it was only discovered recently that the bug existed. Note that the Ethereum Foundation runs a bounty program for the code generator part of Solidity. [Read More]

Solidity 0.4.25 Release Announcement

This release fixed a cleanup error concerning the exponentiation operator. It is a bugfix-only release and does not contain any features. A more detailed description of the bugs fixed can be found on the ethereum blog. Note that nightly builds of Solidity currently contain changes unrelated to this bugfix release. A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible! Download the new version of Solidity here.

Solidity 0.4.24 Release Announcement

All remaining breaking changes planned for version 0.5.0 that can be implemented in a backwards-compatible way made it into this release. Solidity can now detect uninitialized storage pointers using control-flow analysis. It is again possible to assign multiple return values from a function to newly declared variables and the SMT checker is able to work with simple storage variables. A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible! Download the new version of Solidity here.