• Bitshift operators.
  • Type checker: Warn when msg.value is used in non-payable function.
  • Code generator: Inject the Swarm hash of a metadata file into the bytecode.
  • Code generator: Replace expensive memcpy precompile by simple assembly loop.
  • Optimizer: Some dead code elimination.


  • Code generator: throw if calling the identity precompile failed during memory (array) copying.
  • Type checker: string literals that are not valid UTF-8 cannot be converted to string type
  • Code generator: any non-zero value given as a boolean argument is now converted into 1.
  • AST Json Converter: replace VariableDefinitionStatement nodes with VariableDeclarationStatement
  • AST Json Converter: fix the camel case in ElementaryTypeNameExpression
  • AST Json Converter: replace public field with visibility in the function definition nodes

Swarm hash of javascript binary: bzzr://de00cf8d235867a00d831e0055b376420789977d276c02e6ff0d1d5b00f5d84d

A big thank you to all contributors who helped make this release possible!

Download the new version of Solidity here.